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boiMAGazine is distributed 12 times during the calendar year, revolving around the season holidays and Major Events,

and is published by:

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All signed agreements are binding for the specified advertisements reserved for the issues outlined within the agreement. Both parties agree to the rate and payment terms within the rate holding agreement.


Advertisements must be paid in full within 30 days of receipt of invoice. If unpaid balance exceeds 60 days, a late fee of $5 per month will be applied to the outstanding invoice(s).


All sales are final and no refunds will be issued.


In the event the advertiser is unhappy for any reason with the quality of their print ad, the advertiser may file a dispute claim with boiMAGazine by calling 773-970-6457. If the claim is deemed valid, boiMAGazine will issue an advertisement replacement voucher to be applied for a make-up ad in place of the disputed ad. The make-up ad will only be in place of, or in addition to, the original ad. Since the ad is a replacement for the original, it can not be used in place of any advertisements booked under the agreement.


The advertiser agrees that this contract cannot be terminated unless BOI Magazine is given written notice, at least 30 days prior to the space deadline. If advertisements are terminated before the duration of the contracted agreement, the advertiser will be billed at the regular rate for all ads previously run. If ad materials are not turned in by deadline, BOI Magazine reserve the right to run a pick-up of a previous ad.


boiMAGazine does not collect, use or store any data or personal information on our website or servers.



The Undersigned Advertiser agrees to supply boiMAGazine camera ready artwork for a total of ______ issues. The advertisement(s) will appear in the following issue number(s) _______________________.

The ad size is ___________________. Note, the ad size CAN NOT be change during the period covered in the Advertising Agreement, unless agreed on by both parties in advance.

The advertising rate is $ ______________ per issue. 

The total amount of this Advertising Agreement is $ _______________. 

The Undersigned Advertiser agrees to pay boiMAGazine $ ______________, beginning with the first payment due on _______________. Unless other payment arrangments are made, payments shall be made payable to: BOI Magazine at 3700 N. Halsted, #2-S, Chicago, IL 60613. For further information, call (773) 970-6457.

Money paid to BOI Magazine is NON REFUNDABLE under the terms of the Advertising Policy.  Cancellations after the deadline date are subject to a $200 cancellation fee.

In witness whereof, the parties execute this agreement and contract as of: ____________________

Authorized by:___________________ and: ________________________

(Advertiser)                                              (Agent of boiMAGazine)

Policy / Agreement


Our mission is:

- To offer a platform to both readers and advertisers.

- To supply the community with the latest information on lifestyle matters.

- To produce a high quality product that carries positive and interesting lifestyles content through our articles, interviews, pictorials and advertisements.


Our business mission is:

- To produce a quality product free-of-charge for the community, that's both entertaining and informative.

- To maintain competitive advertising rates to operate effectively while maintaining a profit.


- Since the beginning, BOI Magazine has been committed to quality, not only in the presentation of our magazine but in the content as well. We at BOI Magazine will strive to bring the readers the finest in all the lifestyle categories.

- We strive for the reader to pick up the Magazine for its high quality aesthetics, however, once inside readers can discover meaningful content.

- In our commitment to our advertisers, we offer them the finest quality representation for their print and internet advertising.


Our commitment is:

- To produce a consistent product, both in frequency and in quality.

- To establish a long term relationship with our readers and advertisers that is beneficial for all parties involved.

- To stay in business for our advertisers and community

Deadline dates and Features are subject to change. 

All artwork is due by 5pm Chicago time on the deadline date listed above.